45% world population

25% global GDP

30% global landmass


Technology + emerging markets = enormous opportunity

Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, collectively known as BRICS, have matured into market drivers of the global economy. Touting 25% of the global GDP and 45% of the world’s population, BRICS are a vital audience for your brand’s global presence.

As vibrant growth markets, BRICS are increasingly recognized as ‘innovation rich’ nations and global influencers. A consumer culture has taken root among BRICS and a disproportionate number of trendsetters with tremendous purchasing power have emerged among the nations. Sophisticated brands know that targeting the BRICS audience can translate into impressive results in ROI.



While marketing to BRIC nations presents potential challenges, Criterion Global has the experience and capabilities that make us well poised for media buying in BRIC nations. We have a record of introducing, sustaining, and growing brand visibility among BRIC markets.

Criterion Global offers a cache of knowledge on international competition, consumption habits, and market research.

With offices in Mumbai, Shanghai (Q1 2014), and Miami, a portal to Brazil, Criterion Global has the regional expertise and relationships to execute local digital marketing. Our centralized planning team holds rigorous standards for performance and delivery, ensuring that your experience is not compromised.

Doing multinational business requires more than a grasp on the global economy, it also calls for a solid understanding of local affairs, demographics, cultural nuances, and political ideology. Criterion Global possesses both. More than just a media-buying agency, we act as an advisor and consultant, allowing you to enter* BRIC markets with confidence. Contact us to start the conversation today.

Industry Insight

Criterion Global works hard at making sure our clients remain cutting-edge and pioneering in a constantly changing marketplace. Our adaptive outlook and BRICS intelligence informs measurable and meaningful marketing that speaks to the soul – and the bottom line.

Enjoy a small sampling of our BRICS market insight, which analyses the latest happenings in the media landscape and a forecast of future trends. Visit our blog to find more BRICS market intelligence.